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Look forward to Spring Camp 2022!

Horseback Riding Summer Camp!

We are having a summer camp for kids of all ages.


Horse Riding is limited to ONE HOUR per day

- this is for Camper and Equine Safety!

We will have many fun and educational equine activities to do outside the saddle!

Please visit the CDC

for more information on Heat Safety

Join the fun with daily riding, horse games, art and crafts, and other exciting events. The children will learn all kinds of horsemanship skills while making new friends, and getting to know the horses. The campers will learn about horse anatomy horse grooming and care, breeds, confirmation, markings and safety. They will also learn how to tack up a horse, clean tack, bathe a horse and how to muck a stall. Each child will be assigned their own horse for the week. There will be guest visits including veterinarians, dentist, and blacksmiths.

Camp hours are: 9am - 2 pm

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