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Golden Gait Riding Stables offers a family-friendly fun atmosphere. We have the most beautiful landscapes around, and we're conveniently located in Delray Beach just minutes from the beach!

We hope to see you out for English or Western lessons, Gaited Horse assistance & lessons, horse evaluations or training, trail lessons, celebration of a special occasion, check something off your bucket list, or just horsin' around!

We will happily bring your horse home, or transport your horse for you - please click here for our transportation waiver.

Trail_Golden Gait Riding Stables

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*special photo credits to David Sahadi  --

DIRECTIONS once on Sunshine Meadows Equestrian Facility: We are located at BARN 18 in the Sunshine Meadows Equestrian Facility. Sunshine Meadows is a large horse facility - when you enter through the white gate off of 441, continue to the stop sign, make a left, follow the dirt road with the trees lining the right side of the road. Continue on the dirt road around the equestrian horse riding rings (on your right), passing a number of barns. You will come to a "Y" in the road. Continue STRAIGHT at the "Y" in the road - do NOT turn right and head north toward the office. After heading straight at the "Y" in the road, you will go over a little bridge with white fences on either side, a few horse trailers will be on your right. Continue all the way past a few horse paddocks and barn 17 - barn 18 (Golden Gait Riding Stables) is at the end of this road. We are the barn that faces the lake. If you have ANY questions please call Denise at 561.376.5352

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